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Aujasya Trading and Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. is a firm focused mainly on trading in the export market. The company was incorporated in March 2016 and commencement of business activities began in December 2018. The promoters of the company, Mr.Nihil Rajan and Dr.Suraj Sahoo have a combined experience of over 4 decades and were involved in controlling and managing the day to day operations of a manufacturing industry. They have been keenly involved in the marketing and sales front for both the domestic as well as the export markets and have been thoroughly exposed to the challenges that are present in international trade. Relying on their vast industry experiences and with their network built over the past many decades; this company was formed to explore the ample opportunities present in the global markets. To further this plan the firm has already tied up in Joint Ventures with established firms in Tanzania, Zambia and Kenya and are slowly but surely making their entry into the African market. The process of registration of products under the company brand name is already underway and they hope to complete all registration formalities in the next couple of months which will increase the number of products that can be dealt in.  The company plans to trade in diverse products like paper, rice, surgical gloves, syringes, other hospital disposables as well as garments, stationery items etc. As of today, the company is already in the process of sourcing products from South Africa, India and Bangladesh. The future plan of the company is to diversify into various countries and to this end they have already started the process of identifying future partners who will be instrumental in their plans for entering the US, Mexican and European markets

Our goal is to simplify worldwide trade